Tantra for Women Circle Online – Feminine Soul Archetypes
May 7, 2024
£ 30.00 GBP

In the vision of poets and philosophers, the woman is a source of inspiration, love, beauty, sensuality, mystery and fascination. 🥰

In the spiritual traditions, the woman is the carrier of the great mysteries, to the deepest secrets of the soul, she is the intuitive expression of what is concealed.

A woman is especially associated with the poetry and art in general, being compared with a mysterious muse that helps the man to plunge into the depths of his soul.

Psychologists tried to define some of the psycho-emotional features of women through a reference to the essential soul archetypes.

They believe that by identifying properly the corresponding archetype of a woman, they will understand more about her intellectual, emotional and spiritual traits.


It is said that in every woman exists this kind of archetypal hypostasis, and by discovering and awakening them, we will succeed to know ourselves more profoundly.


When we understand how this archetype manifests in us, we can also discover the way and type of relationships we have and how we engage with life, our gifts, our tests and the tools we need to free ourselves and surpass our obstacles.

In this module we will start together this intimate journey learning to become aware and connect more with the complexity and uniqueness of our feminine soul, through the sacred knowledge of the Feminine Soul Archetypes: The Mother, The Fascinating Woman, The Initiating Woman and The Inspiring Heroine together with the 8 sub archetypes.



Each session will be held in an intimate, sacred, playful environment (online& in person), where every session turns into a sacred space, and every insight draws you closer to your Authentic Self and consists of:  


💎 Presentation of a new aspect related to Soul Archetypes every session
💎 Practical exercises, dance movements, techniques helping us to connect with our predominant Soul Archetype and with the other Feminine Archetypes.
💎 Guided meditations
💎 Questions and answers
💎 Optional homework
💎 Access to a private Telegram group, where you will receive more inspiring materials, advices and support throughout the course

Testimonials from the women who are part of the Tantra For Women Circle:


“Dear Andreaa, I missed our online session last night, butI have listened to the recording now. What a beautiful session it was! Thank you for this 🙏

I enjoy so much this topic of balancing our inner feminine and masculine 👩💋👩🌷💝💕

Thank you for uploading the musics, videos as well. 😍 Thank you Andrea for all the beautiful teaching you are sharing with us. 👩💋

Sending love love 🙏”


“Thank you for the recording of last night session Andreea.It was such a powerful session again. Thank you for all the beautiful advice of how to increase our resonance…. Thank you Andreea for all your sharings and teachings. They make a huge impact! 💕👩💋👩🌸👍🌷 I shall be also mindful of the colours I am wearing today …Sending You and all the other beautiful women on the course lots of Love “


“Thank you so much, Andreea, for this beautiful session.The relaxation part combined with the movement and visualisation was so relaxing and really did bring me into my body and heart. I'm just loving how I feel after this session”


“And thank you for your wonderful teaching and for sharing so much useful information, Andrea! I was very tired today, so I didn’t have the energy to talk about the class at the end, but my heart was really happy. Thank you for creating such a beautiful space”



 This course is for you if you want to:


- relaxed into your feminine nature, beautiful and self-aware

- sensually and erotically awakened

- open in the heart and connected to its silent voice, full of love and spiritually awareness

- relaxed, free and deeply relaxed into your sensual and sublimely erotic nature

- conscious of your unique feminine essence and power

- aware of the Eternal Feminine which resides in you and every woman

- connect with other amazing women who share the same heart aspiration

- to have the experience of being part of spiritual community of women where women admire each other;

When: Fortnightly, starting with April 23, from 7pm-8.30pm

Where: Online (live on Zoom)

Price: £30/month (2 meetings per month)

About the teacher :


Andreea who will be guiding the group, has a huge experience on this path of awakening femininity and spiritual evolution for women, she is a certified 'Tantra for women' teacher and hosts women’s circles, dance courses, guiding them to discover their inner beauty and the extraordinary endowments that each woman has inside herself, and she looks forward to being together with you! 😍



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