April 28, 2024
Online & London
£ 65.00 GBP

The Feminine Essence is full of nuances, complexity, and mysteries. It is so vast and deep that it can often be perceived to be difficult to access and understand for the common minds.


On our feminine awakening spiritual path we discover, that when we connect with our sublime FEMININE ESSENCE, we are able to awaken our INNER GODDESS and enter in resonance more and more with this MACROCOSMIC Feminine Source of power, love and wisdom.


Developing a very intimate, profound and personal relationship with the Goddess Within, is a very powerful tool in our awakening journey. It helps us to have access to our highest potential, to the spiritual treasure within, and even we can understand more our spiritual mission in this world, as women!

Eternal Feminine, or in other words the Divine Feminine Goddess, has always been present in every culture and every tradition, and now more than ever women are aspiring to connect to, and identify with, more and more with the mysterious ideals of Beauty, Harmony and Love.

Becoming a reflection of the Eternal Feminine (Divine Goddess) is never about trying to be something you’re not…it’s about awakening what’s already inside of you and nurturing that glorious part of you that’s always been there.


From the Tantric Traditions we know that each aspect of the Goddess, is related to very specific godly energies and resonances, and by aspiring to enter in resonance with their sphere of force , we will discover with delight and wonder, the complexity and uniqueness of our feminine soul, we will be able to embody our femininity at a Cosmic level. 😍


During this SACRED FEMININE DANCE COURSE, you can discover with delight that the Goddess is YOU!  


Is an invitation to bring the Inner Goddess into your daily life, and manifest Her plenary, becoming a perfect channel of manifestation in this world, radiating her light, beauty, kindness, power and sacredness. Draw from her strength, power, and wisdom. You will acknowledge more and more that you also hold all these sublime energies within you.


Honour them and feel honoured by them. You are a Goddess!


Since dance is one of the oldest and most powerful feminine practices to access our feminine essence and awake our inner goddess, we will explore the 10 facets of the Goddess Within through feminine, refined, sensual and powerful dance movements.



During these 11 weeks we will explore the following facets of the Goddess:


💎The Goddess of Sensuality & Erotic Awakening

💎The Goddess of Compassion & Forgiveness

💎The Goddess of Godly Beauty, Love & Harmony

💎The Goddess of Inner Fire & Power of action

💎The Goddess of Endless Courage

💎The Goddess which is teaching us to embrace the Inner Void and reveals asuperior perspective upon every day challenges

💎The Goddess of Beneficial Fascination

💎The Goddess of Wisdom and ARTS

💎The Goddess of Splendour, Plenitude & Abundance

 & The synthesis meeting of all the Goddess Facets - The Eternal Feminine which reveals Herself through these 10 facets.


Each session will be held in an intimate, sacred, playful environment (online & in person), where every session turns into a sacred space, and every insight draws you closer to your Authentic Self and consists of:

🌸 Tantric knowledge related to the qualities and feminine energies specific to the topic from that week

🌸 Guided technique related to that week topic (for example: how to amplify our erotic confidence, forgiving ourselves, amplifying love, etc)

🌸 We will wear the colour specific to that aspect of the Goddess ( Black, white, red, orange, blue, purple, grey, yellow, green, pink )

🌸 Different feminine movements every week

🌸 Synthesis in the end of each meeting, sharings and questions;

By joining the group you will have access toa private Telegram Group, where you will receive more inspiring materials, advices and support throughout the course.

SACRED FEMININE DANCE COURSE is for those who aspire to:


-       to amplify their radiant femininity

-       to connect with the deepest aspects of their hearts

-       to discover hidden secrets and delights of their unique andcomplex feminine soul

-       to eliminate all kind of insecurities, fears, tensions, connected with the body or the feminine manifestation and expression in our daily lives

-       to love and even adore their bodies and live life in a sensual, harmonious and playful way

-       to learn how to move as a fascinating woman

-       to approach the feminine awakening journey in a relaxed and playful way, but yet very profound & to celebrate the gift of being a woman together with other amazing women!✨


This course is a relaxed and safe place for women to discover their unique feminine qualities, to connect with their feminine essence, to gain confidence and to be ourselves and express freely with grace.

Every week we will learn simple, yet powerful, ways to awaken many sublime and radiant feminine qualities, and how to manifest in a charming way, our feminine power through slow, mesmerising movements & authentic tantric knowledge.


💎 WHEN: Starting on April 28th from 7.30pm – 8.45pm

💎 WHERE: ONLINE & London at Tara Yoga Centre, 25-31 Ironmonger Row, EC1V 3QW 

💎 PRICE: Monthly – 65£ (5 sessions)


About the teacher : 

Andreea who will be guiding the group, has a huge experience on this path of awakening femininity and spiritual evolution for women, she is a certified 'Tantra for women' teacher and hosts women’s circles, dance courses, guiding them to discover their inner beauty and the extraordinary endowments that each woman has inside herself, and she looks forward to being together with you! 😍



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