Orgasms are your reward of love!
May 20, 2020

Statistics say that an amorous act usually lasts for 3 to 15 minutes on average. Sexologists demonstrate that the woman needs a minimum of 15 minutes in order to reach an orgasm. Should we still ask ourselves why there are so many unhappy women?!

The other day I was talking with a friend. He was asking why his wife doesn’t like anything anymore and why she argues about anything. It seemed as if anything he does, he is wrong. Does this sound familiar? Do you have days when nothing and nobody satisfies you anymore? Who would think that the main reason of this hard-to-understand feminine behavior is frustration or women’s incapacity to reach orgasm? A lot of women don’t know why sometimes, after they make love, although it was beautiful and pleasant, there is still something missing. Instead of being happy and joyful, shortly after making love they find themselves fighting with their lover, or their boss, or their neighbor and nothing seems right for them anymore.

I give you the same advice that I gave to my friend: focus more on your love life. Give it more attention and more time. Together with your husband or lover, allow enough time for love making. In love, the sexual energy is one of the fundamental energies. If this energy is not respected, it creates problems. On the contrary, if we respect and cherish it, this energy offers us generous rewards. The orgasm is the most glorious moment, the reward that a loving and loved woman is receiving with immense delight.

Although the orgasm is not permanent and it is just a glimpse that lasts for a few seconds or, in special cases, it could last for a few minutes, it offers the woman a state of overwhelming happiness that she can experience for days. The orgasm was called “the small death”; a death of the limited individuality, the mind and limitations of all kind. The orgasm offers liberation and freedom. The orgasm can be defined like a euphoric expansion towards the infinite, a spark of a transcendent reality perceived spontaneously and effortlessly, a state of complete surrendering into love, an overwhelming love, a return to the godly source within ourselves.

Still, why do women not take the right to have orgasms? Is this due to ignorance, lack of preoccupation or lack of capability? How do you think a world in which all women would have at least one orgasm a day would look like? Surely we would not see any sad faces on the street. The sun would be brighter and the world happier. This is not impossible. It is not a utopia. It is possible in a world in which every man and woman would understand that the orgasm is something necessary. Osho, a famous tantric master said: “From the perspective of biological reproduction, the orgasm is not a necessity. But from the perspective of spiritual growth, it is a necessity.” Yes, the orgasm is required for people to be better, for happiness to prevail as a common way of life.

What can you do? We offer you a few steps to open your path to happiness. The road is complex, but even a small beginning can help you.

  1. Start by knowing and accepting yourself
  2. Learn to be the source of happiness for your loved ones
  3. Learn to grow love within you and enjoy the other’s happiness
  4. Enchant others with your joy of life
  5. Discover everything that you need to experience more intense pleasure when you make love with your lover. And he will be happier as well.
  6. Surrender to love, let go of fears and blockages
  7. When you make love, let go to any type of mind speech and enjoy yourself, your lover and love itself
  8. Allow yourself to enjoy at maximum all the sensations and pleasures of a love making experience. Focus only on the love and pleasure of feeling the other. The multiple orgasms are available for you to make you very happy!

This can be only the beginning. The rest comes by itself… or you can learn it with us.

If you want to learn more, but most of all if you want to apply the Secrets of the female orgasm, join us on the next event.

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