The benefits of being part of a Spiritual Group of Women
June 1, 2022
Andreea Jerca

Each woman aspires to have a certain type of femininity, to a specific type of beauty, according to her soul type, her inner purity, her culture, and the education she received within the family.

Every woman aspires to be happy and fulfilled but most women don’t know how to do that. They don’t know what they should do in order for them to be happy. Some women even aspire to develop certain feminine qualities within themselves, or to get out of situations that cause them grief, but they realise that they don’t yet have the tools, or motivation, to do it.

So spiritual groups of women can help a lot in this direction.

What is a spiritual group of women?

A spiritual group is a structured human collective sharing a common spiritual ideal.

For instance, women that personally wish to elevate their femininity and awaken their shakti (inner goddess) state, can freely choose to establish a group, in which the main goal shall be the awakening of a unique, elevated femininity within them.

In the case of the Venus Women`s Circle the common ideal is to awaken the state of shakti (the inner goddess) in every woman that belongs to one of these groups, along with their perfect identification with the supreme model of the eternal feminine, Mahashakti.

Some of the benefits are :

  • Assimilation of the other feminine qualities

Within the women’s group each participant can assimilate the archetypical feminine qualities that the other women possess, due to the subtle circuit of energies within that group.

This profoundly beneficial complex process of resonance will help all the women who are part of that respective group to enter in communion with different sublime aspects of femininity.

  • Spiritual friendship between women

A group of women is the perfect ambiance in which every  woman has the chance to feel the taste of a profound friendship, admiration, generosity, and the offering of mutual support.

This can enrich her life immeasurably, as well as providing depth and spiritual direction.

  • The end of the competition and comparisions between women

Sincerity, affective openness, desire to transform, enthusiasm and superior receptivity greatly enhance the process of transformation for those in a women’s circle.

In this way we will learn a new attitude towards other women whom we will no longer consider our 'competition', instead, filled with apprecaition and admiration, they will become our sisters and friends.

Gradually this new attitude will manifest not only within that respective group, but towards all the other women, in this way getting rid of many stresses and annoying emotions, like jealousy, judgement and low self-esteem which unfortunately are commonplace between women in most societies.

A spiritual group of women offers us the support, the love and the freedom to awaken to our full femininity and the delight of your true selves.

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