Venus Women's Circle
October 21, 2021
05:30 PM
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  • October 21, 2021
  • 05:30 PM
  • Online
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The feminine art of becoming a living Goddess

In Venus Women’s Circles, together with other amazing and inspiring women, we'll rediscover the mysterious, ancient art of being a woman; a living Goddess.

Every circle takes place in a sisterly, loving, relaxed and cozy atmosphere. We create a safe environment where women can open up, allowing our femininity to awaken and shine.

Step by step, this course will reveal essential, practical secrets and insights that we can apply every day in order to realise our full feminine potential in all areas of life.

This revolutionary, annual course, is divided into 5 main modules.

🌸Module 1 took place in April-May

🌸Module 2 took place in June - July

🌸Module 3 (starts 9th September) - MULTIORGASMIC WOMAN

  • The relationship between eroticism & spirituality
  • Polarity - keeping the spark in couple relationships
  • Sexual energy vs Pure Erotic energy
  • The mysteries of the Yoni
  • The mysteries of the Yoni part 2
  • The power of the lingam/ lingam transfiguration/ adoration
  • Yoni Adoration

Spiritual eroticism is not only related to our amorous interactions. It's much more than that!

It is related to how you experience sensuality within yourself, how awakened you are erotically, how much you accept and manifest your femininity. It is also about listening to the voice of your body.

It means to choose consciously to overcome inhibitions and to accept all your elevated  desires and fantasies.

When we are erotically fulfilled, this will bring a spark of happiness, health and wellbeing to every aspect of our lives.

No woman likes to be frustrated, sad or feel jealousy towards every woman that embraces her own eroticism and wears it as a crown of dignity.

You can also become this awakened woman who is sensual, free, full of self-confidence, self-love and charisma. For every awakened woman, eroticism is the gate to the highest bliss and ecstasy.

In Module 3 of our Venus Women’s Circle, we will learn how to become this fulfilled woman, how integrate eroticism as a tool to deepen intimacy, love and spirituality in your relationship in a  harmonious way, so it will trigger the most profound spiritual experiences that both of you ever had.

Remember for every awakened woman, her eroticism can be the gate to the highest realms of bliss and ecstasy.

Your blissfully happy, fulfilled, feminine, exquisite and orgasmic self is waiting for you!


The feminine art of becoming a living Goddess

Course: Fortnightly on Thursdays 6.30 - 8pm BST

Monthly cost is £25 (2 meetings)

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Locations: Online

*Regional groups starting soon in London and Manchester

We can't wait to take this journey of Self-knowledge, together!


*Please do not place an order for the free intro - it has taken place on the 25th February. 

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