Fully enjoy your orgasms!
May 20, 2020

Enjoy your orgasms fully

Did you know, that according to statistics, lovemaking usually lasts for 3 to 15 minutes? Sexologists prove that a woman needs at least 15 minutes in order to reach orgasm. And we still wonder why there are so many unhappy women in the world?!

The other day I was talking to a friend. He was wondering why his wife wasn’t pleased with anything anymore – why everything always turned into a reason for a fight. It seemed that nothing he did was good. Does it sound familiar? Do you have days when nothing and nobody pleases you?

Who would think that the most frequent cause of this bewildering behaviour in a woman is her frustration – her inability to reach orgasm?

Many women don’t know why sometimes something seems to be still missing after lovemaking, even if it was nice and pleasant. Instead of being happy and extremely cheerful, shortly after making love they have an argument with their lover or their boss and they are not satisfied with anything.

I will give the same piece of advice I gave my friend – pay more attention to your love life, and invest more time in it. Allow time for love with your husband or lover. In love, the sexual energy is a primordial one. If that energy is not respected, it causes problems. On the contrary, if we do respect it and take care of it, that energy offers us huge and wonderful gifts. An orgasm is the cherry on top, the gift that a woman who loves and is loved receives joyfully.

Even if it is a transitory spark that lasts for a few seconds or, in some special cases, a few minutes, an orgasm offers the woman a state of overwhelming happiness that can last for days on end.

The orgasm has been compared to a small death; a death of the limited individuality, of the mind and of all kinds of constraints. The orgasm offers liberation, freedom and a feeling of flying.

The orgasm can be defined as a euphoric dilation into infinity, a spark of a transcendent aspect spontaneously and effortlessly perceived, a state of total abandonment in love, overwhelming pleasure, the return to the divine source within.

And yet, why don’t women give themselves the right to have an orgasm? Is it because they don’t know about it, because they are not preoccupied with it or because they can’t?

What do you think the world would look like if all women had at least an orgasm a day? We certainly wouldn’t see sad faces in the street anymore! The sun would be brighter and people would be happier. It is not a utopia. It is something very possible in a world where every woman and every man would understand that orgasm is necessary.

Osho, a well-known Tantric master, said, “From the viewpoint of biological reproduction, orgasm is not a necessity. But from the viewpoint of spiritual growth, it is a necessity.” Yes, orgasm is necessary for people to be better, for happiness to prevail and to become a common lifestyle.

Take the first step towards your happiness

The road is complex and a small start can help.

  1. Start by really accepting and knowing yourself
  2. Learn to be the source of happiness for those who love you
  3. Learn to increase the love within you and to enjoy the other person’s happiness
  4. Contaminate the others with your joy of life
  5. Discover everything that is necessary for you to experience pleasure more intensely when you make love to your lover. He, in turn, will be much happier
  6. Abandon yourself in love; give up on your fears and other obstacles
  7. When you make love, give up on any mental discourse and enjoy yourself, enjoy your lover, enjoy love
  8. Allow yourself to fully enjoy all the sensations and pleasures of lovemaking. Focus only on love and on the pleasure of feeling the other person. Multiple orgasms can’t wait to make you super-happy! That can be just the beginning. The rest comes by itself – or you can find out about it from us :)

To find out more about these subjects, join us in one of our courses or the women’s circle that runs every two weeks.

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