Love – the miracle of every day
May 21, 2020

The love between a man and a woman reflects a universal secret: the endless attraction and fusion of two opposite principles, the supreme masculinity and feminine mystery, YANG and YIN, plus and minus, solar and lunar. When you start seeing things this way, you rise to a new dimension. Human love loses its boundaries and through the infinite expansion it is totally dissolved in a superhuman love.

From the moment you start perceiving this infinite mysterious reality, the love grows wings, and moment after moment, you learn to want more and more, to want everything in a matter of love.

This path of love is not always easy

To detach from the limitations of a possessive mind which is full of desires and attachments, to understand the world through the eyes of a wise woman and not through the eyes of a woman full of fears, worries and doubts, this is obviously the dawn of a glorious life.

Sometimes we are angry with our beloved for various reasons, being unhappy with some small imperfections, which do not conform to our wishes and expectations. I say that to point out the fact that anger, disappointment and discontentment occur only when you imagine something, when you expect something, when all that is happening in our life does not adhere to our expectations. It is possible that the way we imagine things are indeed the best way, however we can never know if it is a hundred percent truth. Why not take instead the good and harmonious from the given situation, even if this situation has deceived our expectations. And why not learn to live the moment exactly as it is, with all its surprises, without trying to influence how and what it is going to be.

Enjoy the magic of the present moment

Definitely for a woman it is not as easy as it looks. Her imagination, which is not always creative, often serves as a motivation in her life too. But we must keep in mind all the time that external conditions are neutral – only our reactions regarding these conditions make them look good or bad. It is very necessary and important to transform our reactions in regards to the outer circumstances.

Be always happy inside

Do not try to change the outside in order to adapt it to your requirements; it’s better to strive for an inner transformation. Enjoy the magic of the present moment; look always for the magic that exists.

Instead of wishing that things go in a certain way and resisting to the natural flow of things, it is better to accept the facts as they are. Learn to live the present moment with all it has to offer. To deeply plunge into and totally unify yourself with the present moment and with the action you do, to be extremely focused and attentive to every moment you live. This is to experience and consider life as a real celebration.

By enjoying every moment and being grateful for the love within your soul, life becomes miraculous. A wise man said “when love is endless, the impossible shall be easily possible.” This is because the love untainted by the mind and the ego allows connection to the universe. Thanks to this connection to the “universal network” synchronicities appear and wishes come true. When you love you become a magnet that attracts anything you want from universe, because love is the miracle that you can live each day.

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