How to be always successful and happy
May 20, 2020

The Paradox of Lack

We all want to have success. Success in love, in our career, in evolution, in life. According to the principle of resonance, which is actively and continuously present in the Universe, you want success, because you already know what it feels like, you just think you want it because you lack it.

The good news is that when something seems missing, it is just hiding. The Universe is abundantly full. Lack does not exist in the Universe. The idea of lack is just an illusion that we often perceive as reality.

As women we think we have many needs. We need a man or a career; we need money for something, anything, to feel happy. Women, more than men, experience this illusion of need, because women often think that they need something external in order to be fulfilled.

Need brings the idea of a lack, of something missing or that does not exist. At a fundamental level, lack is non-existent in the Universe and neither is need. We live in a world constantly full, complete, and whole. The need is just a fictional representation of our mind, which perceives reality through a filter that it applies.

Do we really need something to be happy? NO. Happiness is not a result of certain arbitrary conditions being met; it is always present in the Universe, because absolute bliss is the natural state of all creation.

The Universe does not require any specific results because the Universe itself is a result. God, or the Universal Creative Force, does not need anything. It does not seek results. This Godly Force is present in us, and when we feel connected to Him or in communion with Him every need disappears, because then we connect to All, we have All, we become All.

If, however, you are dealing with the feeling and idea of lack and seek to fulfil your needs, you should know that you will only find constant fulfilment inside you, not outside. What you seek is much, much closer to you than you think. The point of resonance is inside: you’re the one who attracts or rejects the success.

What is Success anyway?

Many of us are accustomed to think that once you have accomplished enough, accumulated enough, got enough recognition – success will be served on a plate. Unfortunately, most consider that it is never enough. The fact that the real success is not somewhere out in the world but only in us can be shocking to some, however it’s realisation brings some illuminating moments.

Let’s do an experiment: take a pen and a piece of paper: “Define Success”. If the answer includes concepts such as: accomplishments, possessions, career, relationships – then success is a treasure, yes, but is located somewhere else. And it’s like climbing a high ladder to find out at the top that we have supported it on the wrong wall.

There are many people who have already achieved material success and yet have chosen the path of drugs or have ended their own lives even. Why? Because the material achievements do not bring in reality that fulfilment you expect. Authentic fulfilment appears in the soul and is more complex because it is actually a success of our own being, which discovers itself, and begins to have access to the Universal secrets.

So, what to do? It’s time to change our vision, to redefine success, to understand that fulfilment is an inner state that is necessary to learn to recognise inside our self.

Thus, the pathway to success is a journey without distance inside us. All you have to do is to remove the illusions that cover, in a very sophisticated package, our natural ability to succeed. Success always comes from within; nobody can give it to us. We can acquire any state or thing by strongly thinking and believing it.

Let good things happen

This inner attitude can be learnt. Enjoy the glass half full attitude, the confident and optimistic vision. Let us change the way we perceive our own life. Let us not focus on the problems and obstacles all the time; let us trust the present moment and the future that awaits us.

Let us learn to see the world as an opportunity, necessity and synchronicity. Let good things happen whilst remaining in a state of relaxation, detachment and gratefulness. The key is resonance: if we are looking for reasons to be successful, we will find them, if we are looking for reasons not to be successful, you will find them too. The Universe always answers the vibration frequency we emit with the same vibration. So happiness and success always lie in our hands.

Rediscover the child within. The one who was always self-confident and optimistic. A known contemporary writer says: “I have looked for a long time for a skeptical baby, but could not find one.” Children have a pure, honest state of deep intuition and connection to the Universal Truths; a more direct access to reality more than we can imagine, even they do not realise or understand it.

Give up on fakery

‘Doing’ and ‘having’ constantly do not signify success. Nor do likes on Facebook, job titles, your parent’s approval, or any other outside accolade. Many people are always unhappy and ungrateful, even if they have more material things or power than others have ever dreamed of. These people can be easily recognised. They are constantly busy and looking for “more”.

For others, success is relative; its value is found when compared to others. They are the ones who are convinced that there will never be enough; and that if another has, it means that I am a ‘have not'. Guided by the gain / loss mental set up and always seeming to be in competition, they are rarely seen happy and serene, and struggle to build genuine relationships that are lasting and based on love.

If you recognise yourself in one of these profiles, give up resentment and the illusion of appearances; choose to say “thank you” for what you have and what you are. And to detach yourself, also saying ‘thank you’ even for what you have lost, and the learning this has brought you. This is the attitude, which really brings success, happiness and inner freedom.

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