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We are here to help you feel sensual, beautiful, confident and free.
To love your body and heart, experience profound connection and intimacy in your love relationship, to have a deeply fulfilling erotic life and to blossom your full feminine sublime potential and become radiant, awakened and spiritual women!

Upcoming Events

Maha Shakti Ritual
Ritual of communion with Maha Shakti through the awakening of the senses
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Free Talk: Courage to be yourself
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Dance gathering - Striptease
The feminine art of striptease
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Our Courses

Women's Tantra Circle Online
Becoming an Initiating woman in the art of LOVE
Fortnightly on Tuesdays
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Sensual Dance Group
Learn to express your unique sensuality
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To all women who feel the call to realise the uniqe and amazing reality of who they truly are, answer it here...