Women's Tantra Circle Online
May 23, 2023
£ 25.00 GBP

When a woman starts to practice certain secret tantric techniques in unison with other women, and to explore her inner universe and spiritual treasures that the Eternal Feminine offered her with love and wisdom, we can say that she is on the journey of becoming a initiating woman.  

She has in this way the opportunity to suddenly discover that by practicing all these tantric techniques she develops the ability to easily share love, knowledge and warmth with others, and inspire people with her irresistible presence from first sight.

And of course, relationships with men will move onto a superior level.

We invite you to join an initiatic journey into the mystery & wisdom of the Eternal Feminine and to discover her Hypostasis of the Initiating GODDESS within yourself.

We invite you to infuse your every day life with magic, mystery, inspiration, meaning and purpose.

The teachings within this course are a strong foundation for you to embrace the Wisdom of the Eternal Feminine within your life so that you can be a perfect channel for Her message of Grace, Wisdom, Beauty and Love in the World and to continue to spread these teachings to others as you embrace them into your life and learn to integrate them within your Self.

Some of the topics of the new module are :

  • What it means to be a spiritually initiated woman
  • The role of a Shakti in the couple relationship (the path of being a spiritually awakened woman)
  • Feminine / Masculine energy – Principle of polarity in love relationships
  • Active LOVE and tantric attitudes for a fulfilling love relationship
  • Attract your Ideal lover
  • Becoming a perfect lover for your lover
  • Develop a superior spiritual perspective in your love relationship

We meet fortnightly on Tuesday evenings 6.30 - 8 pm BST.

Price - £25/month (2 sessions)

*Recordings available


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