Sensual Dance Group
June 4, 2023
£ 40.00 GBP

Are you longing to feel more alive and sensual?

Do you want to reconnect with your heart and body and learn to express more freely?

Are you aware of your specific sensuality?

This is a refreshing course for you in which you can learn to awaken your sensuality through dance.

One of the things that gives a unique flavour to this sensual dance course is the spiritual insights that are presented and gradually put into practice throughout it which enrich the quality of our experiences and personal growth.

What we will explore and deepen during this month (June):

In the last few months, we glided through Floorplay, tasted playful Burlesque style and expressed our intensity on Heels. In June, it’s time to use more of what we learned in short, easy-to learn and juicy choreos which will give more structure to the lessons we went through together and even a more practical view upon them. No matter your level of experience and how many of the previous classes you have participated to, I invite to join the following sessions to see ways of creating flow in movement and to get inspirations for the surprise dances you might want to offer to you beloved one.

Why learn sensual dance?

•  awakens feminine libido and sensual power that heals, energizes and empowers you
•  staying fit –sensual dance is a healthy and harmonious way to dynamize the feminine body, bringing tonus, strength and flexibility
•  awakening our self-confidence – sensual dance teaches us to have a courageous and open vision towards life
•  reconnecting to your feminine nature and learning how to express it

Sensual dance is an art form that took many shapes throughout time and we will use elements from various styles to explore different types of sensuality (like floor flow, heels dance, twerking, burlesque, chair dance, striptease). It is meant for all women, at any age because it helps us express the richness of life, together with some of the deepest longings of our hearts.

You will be fascinated by and have a huge surprise by the inner treasures that you can bring to the surface whilst dancing in a conscious sensual way. The atmosphere in the classes is warm, supportive and very empowering in the same time.

This course will include:

•  exercises of flexibility and general toning
•  elements from different styles of dance through which we can express different aspects of sensuality (for example: floor flow, heels dance, twerking, burlesque, chair     dance, striptease
•  combos or mini-choreos with the movements we learned
•  tips &tricks for becoming more magnetic while you dance

When: Ongoing every Sunday

Time: 6 -7 pm BST

Price: £40/ month

Your teacher: Sylvie Dakini

Sylvie is an artistic performer, a yoga teacher and a tantra practitioner for more than 10 years. She coordinates tantric groups for women and teaches courses and workshops of conscious sensual dance, using different styles to put in value various aspects of femininity.

She is the co-creator of the Kamarasi Dance and Dance Like Making Love modules. Through the first one, she explores the archetypes of the feminine soul and different godly virtues. Working with hundreds of women in the last years, she is very passionate in helping them to bring to surface their potential using all her experience gained on the spiritual path and also from various teachers along her way.

Full of life and enthusiasm, Sylvie radiates warmth and confidence together with a good practical sense and vivid intelligence. Combining the tantric teachings with her artistic nature she found a way to express her deepest emotions and sensuality in a very intense and also refined manner.

"Sylvie is a wonderful teacher, very supportive, friendly and at the same time professional. What surprised me the most is her ability to help you to go deeper into yourself just through very simple gestures and exercises and so much variety, we learnt a great deal with her. Thank you." byEmelina Zuzana Pernickova

"A unique experience, which includes dance movements, connection with the soul, healing, surrender, finding parts of yourself that you did not even remember existed." by Simona Alexie

"I really enjoyed my dance lesson with Sylvie. She went straight into the subject, with very helpful tips and tricks for a successful sensual dance. I loved her warm energy and how she made me be more conscious about how I can move my body and express my own sensuality. Can't wait for the next class." by Andrada Grinov                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


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