Sensual Dance Group
October 2, 2022
£ 40.00 GBP

                                       The Art of Striptease with Amy

The most provocative form of art has now the chance to become your favorite way of revealing your feminine universe.

Striptease is not only a form of getting closer to the other and enticing him in the exchange of love, but first of all it is a way of getting closer to your own self and discovering all the beauty and love that already lives inside you.

Joining this 4 session module you will learn:  
-How to spontaneously improvise a flawless striptease moment

-How to take your clothes off in a very elegant manner

-Super sensual bedroom striptease choreography  

-Erotic and passionate chair dance choreography

-How to do a lap dance on your living room sofa

-Important sacred information regarding the art of striptease  

-How to manifest freely with a lot of confidence

-How to actually express your sensuality and eroticism full of awareness  

We meet weekly on Sunday evenings from 7 – 8 pm BST.

Teacher: Amy Sadovinski

Price - £40 / month

*Recordings available


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