Access your feminine occult power
September 26, 2022
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When a woman aspires to discover and awaken all the feminine qualities specific to our feminine nature, she starts the journey of awakening her feminine occult power.

That’s when we she brings into her life and those around her the energy of Mystery, Sacredness. Abundance, Unconditional Love, Freedom,Divinity, Joy, Intelligence, Beauty, Life.

For every woman the feminine occult power should be the most precious gift her feminine heart holds. That is the moment when she frees herself from the opinions of others, and she turns her attention naturally inwards. She discovers there in this sacred space of the heart, the source of wisdom, softness, sacredness, feminine power,unconditional love, pure eros, and many other feminine traits.

She starts living life with a purpose, with creativity, inspiring those around her, she naturally helps and guides the others to return“home”. To discover their divine nature.

Every woman has within her this feminine occult power. How do we access it and amplify it without losing it because of meaningless daily actions and activities? How do we take care with love, adoration and devotion of this precious gift the Eternal Feminine offered to each one of us women?

Don’t worry you will receive many answers in this beautiful talk!

During this talk we will discover together the following aspects:

  • Feminine occult power: the gate to becoming Cosmic Women
  • Which are the inner attitudes and daily choices that are stopping us from accessing our feminine occult power
  • Tips & practice for our daily lives in order to amplify and awaken more and more this feminine potential.


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