Secrets of Sensuality
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  • August 25, 2021
  • 06:00 PM
  • Online
  • 75
August 25, 2021
06:00 PM
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This series of short workshops is for every woman wishing to greatly awaken her sensuality and femininity, learn the essential keys of sacred Tantric eroticism and the mysteries of multiple female orgasm.

Awakening sensuality allows women to:

  • experience very fulfilling pleasure in her intimate life
  • experience a multitude of delicious orgasms
  • live extraordinary mystical states when she makes love with her beloved
  • greatly amplify her specific femininity
  • overcome inhibitions around her femininity and eroticism
  • live a much enriched quality of life
  • awaken feminine mystery, charm and confidence as a woman both in the bedroom and out!

Topics that will be covered: 

Part 1: Sensuality – the magic key to your femininity

Wednesday 30 June, 7 – 9pm 

  • The tantric secrets of female sensuality and practical advice and methods to greatly awaken sensuality
  • Importance of our connection with nature for our sensuality
  • Flexibility opens up your sensual flow
  • Overcoming inhibitions
  • Ways to increase my erotic energy

Part 2: Secrets of our Yoni: our sacred intimate place

Wednesday 4 August, 7 – 9pm 

  • A spiritual perspective on the female intimate zone: the Yoni
  • The intimate and reflective relationship between the Yoni and the heart (thus regaining emotional balance and good health)
  • Taking care of our Yoni
  • Secret tantric knowledge and techniques for awakening the mysterious power of the Yoni
  • Technique for connecting our heart and our Yoni

Part 3: Different types of female orgasm

Wednesday 25 August, 7 – 9pm 

  • What is the orgasm and what are the signs of orgasm
  • The essential steps and secret keys to awakening and amplifying your orgasmic potency and orgonic energy
  • Presentation of different types of female orgasm and essential keys to experience each one of them

Practical Details

The entire series will be held online through Zoom. Participants will receive the link upon registration & payment for the event.

Replays will be available for viewing for up to two weeks after each workshop.

Price for the three workshops:

£60 for Goddess temple members - use discount code SS15OFF at the checkout

£75 for non members 

Teachers: Catherine Dunworth & Aida Calin 

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