Yoni Tantra Yoga
June 21, 2021
06:00 PM
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  • June 21, 2021
  • 06:00 PM
  • Online
  • 125

Awakening our feminine inner power

🌷 Yoni (female genitals) has been a taboo subject for centuries, so no wonder so many women are disconnected from, and even ashamed of, it.

Though according to the Tantric wisdom, it is the very source of our power, energy and creativity. It gives life to everything - our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, relationship with ourselves and others, self-expression and so much more!

In this unique, revolutionary and very practical Yoni Tantra Yoga course, we will learn how to reach overwhelming happiness and fulfilment in our life as women by connecting to our yoni and amplifying its full erotic potential, its immense creative energy.

During the 7 weeks we will learn together:

  • The tantric transfigured/elevated vision of the Yoni and female eroticism
  • Sacred Sexual Anatomy - holistic vision of the yoni and its role and connection with the whole body
  • Practical tools for awakening the erotic energy, the occult power of the yoni and its full creative potential for inner transformation.
  • How to develop a deep and loving relationship with our yoni and a profound connection to our femininity and sensuality
  • Secrets of intimate health and care
  • Re-discover our feminine inborn nature of Eros and connection with the Eternal Feminine, Mahashakti.

Each 1,5 hour class will be held in an intimate, warm and safe environment (online), where you can relax and feel at ease, and will consist of:

  • 30mins of new theoretical presentation every week
  • Practical exercises, body postures (asanas) and movements to awaken, accumulate and move the erotic energy
  • Guided meditations
  • Questions and answers
  • Optional homework / guidance

Throughout and by the end of the course, we will feel more:

  • connected to the source of our power, the yoni, as well as our body, heart and Soul
  • awakened erotically, energetic, full of life, magnetic, luminous and fascinating
  • sensual, beautiful and feminine
  • creative, spontaneous and free!


Course: Mondays 7 - 8:30pm BST starting on the 24th May till 5th July

Cost: £100 for Goddess Temple members (Women’s Circles and Sacred Belly Dance group)

£125 for all other wonderful women ❤️

🌸 The first 10 women who register on the course will receive a special offer of £25 off - at the checkout 🌸

Use code YTY25OFFGT if you are a Venus Goddess temple member (£75)

Use code YTY25OFF if you are a non-member (£100)

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About: Olya always felt passionate to share with her female friends, her sisters, everything that she has learnt and what has helped her on the Tantric path, to support each other in awakening and rediscovering our unique gifts, and to accept and love ourselves more fully.

She has been on the spiritual path for nearly 20 years, incl. 10 years of Tantra and Yoga study and practice. She is also a certified Tantra for women teacher.

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