October 23, 2020
7:00 PM
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  • October 23, 2020
  • 7:00 PM
  • London
  • 40

Learn the Art of authentic Tantric Massage; a practical experience of spirituality, love and pure eros.

A transformational journey by women, for women.

Learn the Art of authentic Tantric Massage; a practical experience of spirituality, love and pure eros. Massage is one of the greatest tools for intimacy and self-awareness.

Through this profound journey you can discover your sublime femininity, sensuality and awareness of subtle realities, becoming a woman initiated in the ancient Tantric secrets of pleasure, inner alchemy and pure Eros.

Introductory Workshop: How will massage enhance my life?

Friday, 23rd October 7pm - 9pm

Cost: £40

~ Attitudes to massage in different cultures

~ The body; sacred temple of the Spirit

~ What is conscious massage?

~ Conscious touch; the foundation of Tantric Massage. Heart to heart communication, which opens the divine and deeper dimension of the massage

~ The huge importance of Conscious Relaxation for awakening feminine sensuality, happiness and in the production of beneficial hormones


Cost per module: £160

What can I expect from each module of this course?

Module 1: Tantric massage: getting started
Saturday November 14th - Sunday November 15th 2020, 10:30 AM – 17:30 PM
  • What is Tantra and what makes a massage Tantric?
  • The foundational Tantric principles used in Tantric Massage
  • Aims of Tantric Massage
  • Benefits of receiving Tantric Massage for a man and for a woman. The benefits for a woman of giving
  • Extraordinary benefits of women massaging each other 
  • Practical aspects; preparing the space, hygiene, oils to use
  • Subtle preparation for the massage ritual
  • The 3 stages of Tantric Massage
  • Different types of touch and pressure for different purposes/scenarios
  • How to approach muscle knots/tensions 
  • Pressure points
  • Managing your own energy; use of body weight, breath, different positions for giving massage on the floor
  • Demo and practice; basic massage routine on back and front
Module 2: Body to body, soul to soul
Saturday December 5th - Sunday December 6th 2020, 10:30 AM – 17:30 PM
  •  Energetic exchange in massage; merging auras and subtle interaction
  •  Pure erotic energy; what is it and why is it important? How can I spot the difference between this and sexual energy?
  •  Important role of the woman as the initiator in the energy of the Pure Eros
  •  The heart that never lies
  •  Erogenous zones – what are they, where are they and why are they important?
  •  Principle of Polarity; the essential key in Tantric Massage
  •  Why body to body?
  •  Intimacy; what is it really, and its importance in Tantric Massage
  •  Sequence demo and practice – body to body techniques and massage of the erogenous zones
Module 3: Tantric massage; putting energy in motion
Saturday January 16th - Sunday January 17th 2021, 10:30 AM – 17:30 PM
  • Subtle Anatomy: what are Chakras, Subtle Bodies and Kundalini Shakti
  • Inner alchemy 
  • What is energetic work? How can I incorporate it in a Tantric massage and for what purposes?
  • Non-genital orgasmic experiences during tantric massage
  • Demo and extended practice of all techniques/routines learnt so far
  • What to do after the massage - methods for redistributing our energy and ways to purify 
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