October 1, 2020
9:00 AM
Venus centre
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  • October 1, 2020
  • 9:00 AM
  • Venus centre
  • 160

An extraordinary course for women who wish to connect to their femininity and sensuality and gain erotic confidence.

An immersive women’s Tantra course held over four weekends in sacred sensuality, sublime eros and the Divine Feminine!

Do you wish to exude femininity and sensuality?

Do you wish to be more confident as a woman?

Do you wish to be more free, happy and uninhibited?

If yes, then this course is for you!



Wonderful effects of this course

~ Fall in love with yourself, your femininity, your body and how you feel. 

~ Live ecstatic states of happiness and joy. 

~ Awaken the sensual woman within you who is longing to be expressed and adored. 

~ Deeply connecting with your femininity will allow you to explore and confidently express your sexuality without any shame, tabo­­o or inhibition. 

~ As you might imagine, this has enormous benefits on your self-confidence and self-esteem, also helping you to become a much better and less inhibited lover!

~ Step outside your comfort zone – where the magic of life always happens!

~ Effortlessly create heartfelt friendships with other women as you begin to appreciate the incredible beauty in all women and recognise it in yourself.

~ Deeply relax and surrender into your body and eroticism, transforming your relationship with yourself, your femininity, sensuality and your entire life from the inside out!

~ Discover a life where you are constantly turned on, manifesting your sensuality, femininity and in touch with your pleasure and inner most desires.

~ Laugh, have fun, be free, be wild and playful!

Who is this course for?

All women who wish to know themselves better, who wish to feel more free, alive, confident, fascinating, sensual, erotic, and feminine. 

Age, shape or previous experience are not important! 

We invite and encourage you with all our heart; take a leap of faith and step onto this extraordinary and life changing journey of discovering the sensual and erotic woman within you!

Warning! The effects of this course will be noticed and felt by you and those around you immediately :)


Early bird - £130 per module

Early bird – £450 for all three modules  

Full price – £640 for all three module or £160 per module

By clicking book now you are hereby agree to our Terms and Conditions

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