The Mysteries of the Breasts
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  • September 20, 2020
  • 3:00 PM
  • Online
  • 40
September 20, 2020
3:00 PM
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Dearest women, 

We invite you for a moment to think about your breasts...  

How would you describe the relationship you have with them? 
Do you love them, judge them, or do you feel you are simply disconnected from them? 

How about creating a continuous conscious love story with your breasts; physically, emotionally and spiritually? 

Would you like to awaken their energetic and orgasmic capacity?

If you’ve ever considered surgery, or have never found a natural method to improve the appearance of your breasts, we have an amazing natural alternative!

In this revolutionary series of ONLINE workshops for women, we will discover how to connect more to the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our breasts.

Using secret Tantric and Taoist techniques; massage, visualisation, meditations and herbal products to bring love and consciousness to our breasts, allowing them to regain their rightful place in our bodies and lives.

Breasts are a symbol of beauty, compassion, generosity and maternal love, breasts have always been associated with motherhood or the sensuality of the woman and they represent a very important and special part of our body, directly connected to our feminine energy.

Depending on their shape and size, they express different aspects of the feminine energy that each woman manifests in her own specific way.

Breasts are also intimately connected to our spiritual heart. When we take care of them, we also take care of our hearts.. 

We will learn how to fill our breasts with the love in our heart and how to allow them to regain their rightful place in our body.

Becoming more aware of this relationship, clearing any blockages and allowing more love and power to flow into our breasts.


The revolutionary journey of discovering the mysteries of the breasts - with Catherine Dunworth and Cristina Aura 

   MODULE 1 - The Mysteries of the Breasts
   Saturday 15 August
   3pm - 7pm

  • The importance for a woman of cultivating a love relationship with her breasts
  • Breasts - The secret gateway of the feminine Soul
  • Connecting to our femininity through the opening of the Spiritual Heart
  • Breasts Orgasm
  • How to keep your breasts radiant, full, luscious, beautiful and toned
  • Tantric and Taoist techniques to powerfully awaken the energy of the breasts

   MODULE 2 - Blossoming Breasts
   Sunday 20 September 
   3pm - 7pm

  • Daily breasts rituals for awakening the Goddess within
  • Very efficient massage techniques - used already by many women to harmonise, tone and lift the breasts
  • The spiritual importance of harmonising and energising our breasts; including very special testimonials of women on this revolutionary journey
  • Bras - how our breasts became fashion victims!


No participant nudity involved. The facilitator will be topless to demonstrate some of the exercises. Participants can turn their webcams off to practice the exercises. 

 Cost: £40 per module - we will meet online on Zoom.

 * Sign up with a friend and each receive this module for £25! *

💓 Recordings available if you are not able to attend on the day.

💓 Recordings are available if you missed Module 1 !! 

 Please send us an email to if you wish to sign up for this unique and extraordinary workshop!  

Testimonials from women who have participated in these intimate workshops before:

“When I became aware of the specific energy of my breasts, I experienced a very special state of femininity, somehow the most feminine representation of the woman appeared before my eyes, the one that manifests a state of gentleness, refinement and sensuality.” Carmen

“I can say that I am now valuing my breasts more. I have noticed when I cultivate this feminine energy and when I am aware of it, it takes me deeper towards my soul and fulfils my being. It is like a nourishing state of sweetness of my soul.” Alexandra

“Participating in these meetings awakened in me a great admiration for large breasts of other women that I meet every day and of course of my breasts! Before this I hadn't paid much attention to my breasts and especially to other women's breasts. I accepted my breasts, I liked them but I didn't love them, I didn't look at them with great admiration and happiness as I look at them now.” Anna

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