Dive Deeper: a Pure Erotic Shamelessness Journey
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  • December 19, 2020
  • 11:00 AM
  • Online
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December 19, 2020
11:00 AM
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What if your body were spiritual? What if your erotic energy was too? In this world of opposites, women have been labelled for centuries as ‘good’ or ‘naughty’ ‘sexy’ or ‘innocent’. We do not have to chose.

In this 3 part journey for women, meeting via Zoom on a Saturdays from 11 - 12:30pm GMT (*recordings available) over the course of 3 months leading up to Valentine's Day, we will learn how to use Tantric-Taoist tools and methods to free ourselves from limitations, guilt and shame around our bodies and our eroticism.

Exploring sacred sensuality, Pure Erotic Shamelessness and the qualities that define this.

We’ll learn how, through freedom from shame, we can have a more honest, happy, orgasmic and loving relationship with ourselves and others, and move closer to achieving our full potential as women.

Saturday December 19th: Shame and shamelessness; a history

  • What is shame/shamelessness? Ancient matriarchal cultures & ‘original shamelessness’.
  • Shame & shamelessness in Art & culture through the Ages
  • Identify personal doubts & limitations regarding shamelessness, learn tools to reflect on, and overcome, these

Saturday January 9th: You are what you admire

  • Qualities that characterise Pure Erotic Shamelessness, how can we cultivate them?
  • Tantric principles of unity amongst women
  • Spiritual principles of attraction and assimilation through admiration, media clips and a special technique!

Saturday February 13th: My Shameless Life

  • Stories, sharing and practical advice from exemplary women who now live an erotically shameless life
  • Practical methods to amplify shamelessness in the everyday; ‘Shameless To Do List’
  • A creative exploration and celebration ‘What Inner Freedom means to me’

- Special ‘My Shameless Valentine’ preparation and exercise to prepare for the day; however we’re celebrating

Cost: £20/session OR £45 for all 3 sessions

Payment: paypal.me/WomensTantra

*Recording available if you cannot attend on the day

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