The Tantric Woman

  • May 11, 2020
  • Cristina Ionescu
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We cannot talk about a tantric woman without talking about a conscious loving woman! This is by far the most outstanding quality of a tantric woman as she will always choose love and she will become, in this way, the embodiment of Love. 

In Tantra, the woman is considered to be the initiator; the one who holds the key to unlock the mysterious sublime secrets of lovemaking and the paradise that is unveiled. This is because of her inner structure that makes it possible for her to easily practice sexual continence – the control of the sexual energy. In this way, it becomes her role to initiate the man in this domain. If she would allow the man, struggling to control his rather instinctual erotic energy, to take the lead, she will be the first and foremost that suffers both physically and emotionally because men are just not equipped for that role.

This being said, we can understand that a tantric woman who is an initiator should have a very good control over her own energies (sexual, affective, mental) and a heart full of love to guide the man in her life not as a teacher, because this kills the passion and cuts off the man’s virility, but rather as an inspiration. 

A woman that is conscious of her own femininity and embraces it fully will have a mesmerizing effect upon the man she loves and this will allow the man to follow, without him being manipulated in any way, because she is his muse, his inspiration, the embodiment of his ideals.

Now, to remain an inspiration, the tantric woman should always transform, always grow and should continue doing so even when she starts a relationship. Because very soon, the  man will catch up and she will stop being the guiding star and the inspiration that he needs. For this, it is very good if women can come together in spiritual groups for women where due to their structure, they can very easily assimilate qualities from each other, enriching their femininity and in this way, becoming a new woman every day. This will keep alive the flame of their relationship.

Other important qualities of a tantric woman are goodness and tenderness which allow her to experience positive interactions both with her lover, but also with her parents, children etc. She maintains a soft heart, always bringing warmth and affection in the environment she is in. This has an immense power of transformation upon the loved ones in her life, because she is not only the initiator of her lover, but also of all people she is in touch with. Lets just remember that the very first initiation a human being receives is at his birth through his mother. We all come in this world, regardless of being a man or woman, through a woman. And thus from ancient times, the woman is praised as the Great Mother of all beings. Women must become aware of this and assume their role. This will change their attitude towards themselves and others, building maturity and eliminating compromises.

Another essential quality of a Shakti (a fully awakened woman) is spontaneity. Why is  it important? Because it springs directly from an open heart. You cannot plan spontaneity and you cannot fake it. Spontaneous women behave in a natural way, expressing the truth of their heart in a feminine and thus, charming way. This will offer the courage to follow the impulses of your intuition, even if these make you different from the others. In the long term, this will bring you success in everything you do because the hearts way is always the right way. Being spontaneous is also strongly connected with the inner freedom that is key to happiness. 

Another quality that deserves mentioning is a sense of humour. You can’t imagine how much weight on our shoulders this quality can lift. It allows a harmonious relation with people around us, brings a positive impact in our surroundings, its extremely healthy and it lifts up our frequency of vibration. A good session of laughter can reinvigorate your spirit, it eliminates tensions and stress and will always make you the kind of company which everyone appreciates. In love relationships many arguments can be avoided with a bit of humour. Also, humour eliminates exaggerated self importance and ego-centrism, it connects hearts and increases self esteem.

And the last quality to mention here is harmony of the  body that is a reflection of a beautiful heart. A tantric woman will be harmoniously vital and the sensuality of her curves will offer her an irresistible magnetism. The control over her sexuality will supply a lot of subtle energy that will be experienced as an extraordinary charisma. When she walks into a room, she will be immediately noticed by others, even if they don’t know her. She will bring along with her presence a state of enchantment and radiating beauty. People might describe that she has a „je ne sais quoi”, something mysterious that escapes the immediate perception of the senses.  This is because of her resonance with the Eternal Feminine or MahaShakti as we call her in Tantra. 

The mystery that surrounds a tantric woman is an invitation to dive deeply into the unknown. It is also a challenge to go beyond the visible realms and discover that we are also spiritual beings, not only physical. The blessing that a tantric woman brings along with her is that she offers a secret passage to the Absolute (the Divine), she is the path of the spiritual seeker and the essence of life itself. 

Just bear in mind that this is not an exhaustive list of qualities of a tantric woman, but just a selection of the few important ones to give us an idea about how Tantra is regarding femininity and the woman’s role. 

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