7 Reasons to make love in a Tantric way

  • August 31, 2020
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Tantra describes lovemaking as the path of privileged evolution. Love making, when it is full of love and tenderness, fills and nourishes our soul like nothing else. Through lovemaking we can heal our relationship with ourselves and with the opposite sex. We can gain new insights and reach new heights of blissful joy through the power of orgasm. 

Here are 7 big reasons (though of course there are many more!) to make love and to achieve amorous continence (the perfect control over the erotic energy, or ejaculation control in the case of the man). These reasons can also help you to intensify the intimacy within the couple and relive the magical of the beginning of the relationship, regardless of how long you’ve been together.

1. Through tantric lovemaking we can achieve a state of perfect health

Numerous studies have demonstrated the beneficial impact of lovemaking on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. By making love with erotic continence we can obtain great organ health. In fact, the Taoist system even offers a variety of lovemaking positions to activate and heal different internal organs and meridians.

This extended, sublime form of lovemaking naturally regenerates blood, develops respiratory muscles, purifies the lymphatic system, facilitates digestion, strengthens the immune system and muscles, improves sleep, deeply balances thyroid activity, harmoniously stimulates adrenals, moisturises the skin, and regulates the menstrual cycle. 

Lovemaking with continence is the best method of contraception as it is perfectly natural. In other words, making love, with deep mutual love and erotic continence, several times per week, maintains our body (not to mention mind and soul) in great condition.

2 . What could be more powerful than fully feeling the creative life energy?

The erotic life force energy, or ‘Ojas shakti’ in Sanskrit is a subtle energy resource that exists, to a greater or less extent, in all human beings. Those who are particularly ‘sexy’ or charismatic often have a lot of Ojas shakti, as do highly active and creative people or artists. 

We can feel this energy is dynamised especially when we are at peace with ourselves, happy and in love. we are young and virile most of us have a higher concentration of this energy, but with time, or especially with a stale or unfulfilling erotic life, it diminishes. Through making love in a Tantric manner, this energy is amplified. This can make us feel, and appear, more magnetic, shiny, creative and dynamic. We can also redirect this accumulated energy, if we are conscious of it, towards divinely integrated goals and transformations. So every idea we have, every step we take, every word we utter becomes impregnated with life, joy and pleasure.

3. Deep connection and stability in the relationship

How deeply do you really know your beloved? Usually we have some insights into their everyday circumstances and experiences, a few memories they shared, we’ve met their family, know their preferences and future aspirations. These are all valid, yet changing and ephemeral; do they reveal to us the unique depths of our lover’s heart and soul? 

We aim to support each other, but without knowing the deepest needs of the others’ soul (which we rarely communicate about, and often don’t even know ourselves) this support can be superficial.

In order to be able to profoundly help each other the two lovers need to know, often beyond the communicable, the depths of the other’s soul. Lovemaking with erotic continence is a mysterious empathic mirroring. If we are attentive enough to what our lover communicates to us, we will gradually succeed to make a clearer and fuller image of the soul of our beloved. As a result of this fact a very deep sense of fulfilment and inner stability will appear.

4. Brings a breath of magic into our lives

An intimate meeting with our lover is a space for creativity and it can bring a sacred magic into our lives. The preparation of our bodies and the space in a ritualistic manner can bring us a lot of creative satisfaction as women, and help us to look upon the lovemaking as a sacred rite. The bathing and adorning of our bodies with perfumes and oils makes us feel adored from within and ready to be adored from without. 

The use of fabrics, lighting, sound and scent engages all 5 senses in the lovemaking and creates a beautiful container. Yet it’s important to remember that, without mutual love, respect and erotic continence, these rituals will be remain superficial; the idea is to prepare a sacred space for a sacred act.

5. Immense Happiness!

By making love with erotic continence we can discover and experience a huge joy and happiness, which are the opposites of uncertainty and despair. Intense and lasting joy is a deserved reward of lovemaking that is full of love, commitment and erotic continence. 

Intense happiness is a state that shows the achievement of a condition of balance and emotional fulfilment. The states of joy and happiness are “attracted” in our being when we make love with tenderness, delicacy, purity, and understanding.

6. Authentic inner freedom

The first step to true inner freedom is to identify and then sincerely express all our fears. Once we have discussed the fears we have, we will immediately feel a state of relief and courage; that those fears have lost the restrictive and painful power they held over us.

Inner freedom is experienced in the absence of fears when there is a constant dialogue with our heart and when we act according to our soul. Only our desire to let our fears go forever can deeply open our soul, which will inevitably attract love, happiness and freedom.

The state of freedom felt by the two lovers while making love with erotic continence brings another precious “gift”, which is the discovery of the inner space of our soul that will become more and more all-encompassing. The state of freedom amplifies the love that will create true miracles, so we will become masters of our own destiny; perfectly integrated into the harmony of the Whole.

We can discover and experience the sacred relationship and the reality of our own soul by being open and enthusiastic to discover all that is good and beautiful in our beloved.

7. The prayer of the loving body

Many religions believe that Love is the most direct path to God. So why wouldn’t sublime lovemaking also be a sacred act? For the Tantrics, it is. Lovemaking is a spiritual practice. 

Due to an intense and endless love between the two lovers, Tantric lovemaking becomes a deep and long prayer. Thus, we realise that the relationship becomes a jewel in the crown of our life that uplifts us. We experience the so-called Unity and we achieve the ideal of love through devotion and commitment to each other. We have the feeling that God holds us in His Arms.

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